Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 3 NFL betting picks

I'm just about to get our results this morning and I'm starting to feel a little bad about doing pretty good. We got 10 right I think this week. After tonights games we'll know more. I think there are going to be some pissed people, and I have nothing to say about our picks, I think that might be the most upsetting part, that we're openly saying we don't give a shit. I was willing to just give them our money, but not take it.
Oh well.

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Matthew Nash said...

I wonder what this says about sports logic? I mean, if we can just throw darts or randomly guess and win, either people don't really know their sport or something else is going on.

I think a lot of it might be preconceived ideas about a team. Like New England has won year after year, and they will always come out on top. But I hate Buffalo from all those years living in western NY, and even if I thought they were likely to win, I would not pick them on principle. So maybe we're revealing that picking teams is as much about loyalty, history and what people WISH would happen, rather than actual logic.

Plus, they all agreed to put money in the pot. How someone wins or loses is not their call.