Monday, January 12, 2009

$1 Grant Project

In March of 2009, Harvey Loves Harvey received a grant for $1. With this money, we propose to offer intangible aspects of our lives for sale on Ebay, with the minimum bid set to $1. Each member of Harvey Loves Harvey will offer aspects of their lives that the other Harvey feels envious of, to be sold for $1. Upon the conclusion of the auction, the Harvey-seller will send a work of documentation conferring the intangible aspect of their life to the other; in exchange, the Harvey-buyer will pay $1.

This project concludes when a non-Harvey buyer purchases an intangible lifestyle aspect from a Harvey for more than $1. The non-Harvey buyer will receive documentation conferring the intangible aspect that they purchased, and Harvey Loves Harvey will preserve their original $1, plus all monies earned by the final auction, for posterity.

All documentation of this project will be preserved by Harvey Loves Harvey, and presented on this blog.

To initiate this project, HLH's Matthew Nash has procured the ASDF Dollar, which is documented below.

Just posted the first video:

and here's the ebay listing.

Looks like I might have a winner! Congrads buddy!

Now send me my dollar. I don't know if I mentioned this but there is a .01 cent handling change. Pay Up!

Thanks, just got the dollar in time to bid on yours.

Jason now owns my ability to Schmooze. Here's what he got:

The next video is up....feel free to bid:

Congrads, you now own my insane music might not seem like it...but you do.
Here's the video: looks like I've been outbid by someone on your civil war video so I'm keeping the dollar and that does it for the ASDF project.

It figures...there's no way I can get that kind of really makes sense.

So I burnt a DVD of my video and sent it to Kurt Wampler, the winner of the auction. Here is a snap of the disc he received...