Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The art for sale

Here's a special sneak preview of the art we'll be selling on 7th and 14th, Sunday Oct 18th. Come out and make an offer! Make sure to read over the contract, there are a few restrictions, but nothing we can't work out.
just look at that photo! It's from Monet's garden! Priceless!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Nametags just came in today! I think they're exactly what we wanted. I'll figure out where exactly to put them on the jumpsuits and sew em up. With your approval of course.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A vote against McClellan is a vote against the war - still photo

The sketch for the still photo of the McClellan speech. Ir we can find some steps that would be great, I'll have to see what building is now where Tamminy hall used to be. I think there's a Salvation Army or union building around there that has great steps...or a church. I'll have to scout it, or check street view of gmaps.
Or maybe just on a corner would be great too.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Intersection of Art and Commerce - Still photo sketch

This is what I was thinking for the still photo of our selling the monet painting, which I realize I have to make sure I have a good frame for and get an easel. I think I'm going to just build one...a couple of sticks bolted together with something to hold up the 'painting', that way we can just leave it there, no problem.
I like the photo of it just sitting there after we're done with it, maybe even catch someone taking it, that would be great.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Surprise Inspection - 14th and 8th

For Surprise Inspection at 14th and 8th ave I think the still photo of the leave behind should be a close up of a certificate saying the site 'passes' or 'fails'. I'm checking out templates and certificates to find a good version. I'll post whatever I come up with.

I think this will end up on the lamppost right on the corner where the building will be we're monitoring...or if we see some construction plywood up, then we could staple it there. (see below)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sketch for still photo 'A candlelight vigil for Henry Hudson'

So for the Henry Hudson vigil I'm picturing this kind of still, straight on medium shot of the portrait with candles. I'm assuming we leave everything? Does the portrait have a frame?
You're printing this out? I'll leave the rest of the stickers, after we kind of put them up on the lightpoles etc.
There are these car barrier things that are about 2 feet high which would be perfect to put everything on for the length of the project, there's a bunch of them, so we can have our pick thinking about the sun setting on the west side.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quiet: We LIve In Public

I had totally forgotten about this project by Josh Harris until it reemerged on ArtsEditor. But this was the stuff going on when were were transforming Harvey, back in 1999-2001 -- the kind of "the Internet will save us all, or kill us all" mentality that we were exploring. I don't think we're doing it so much anymore, social networking has made a lot of that stuff normal or easy or obvious, but it's important to remember that there was this period of insane experimentation with what the internet could be. I'm not sure I like the project (I remember thinking how facile and ego-maniacal it was back then) but I'm also happy I know about it, and remember how it fit into the context of crazy pro-internet hype (and lies) of that era.

9th Ave sketch for still photo - Unwound

Here's the sketch of the still of the Unwound reenactment on 9th and 14th. 'Re-living new years eve 1998'
I was picturing a close up shot of the cassette on the sidewalk askew, and maybe there's some street debris near it or something, just so we know it's on the ground and we left it behind.
Maybe we could use a semi wide shot if it also with someone walking by. Just so you get the idea that we left it there for the public.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Audience Hero

I was thinking about how guitar hero is the easy way to fake guitar, to get a small taste of what that experience might be like...and how people are getting all up in arms, 'You should just learn guitar.' Sure, of course, if it were that easy. It's a gateway experience. If you like that, or get inspired by music or the songs then take it to the next level.
I think that guitar hero functions in the way the Unwound Live 9-11 show does and the 'Re-Living new years eve' does. We want to reenact these experiences...what would it be like to be there, to play guitar...we are playing audience hero. What would it be like to be in the audience for a rock show. We get as close to the original location and listen to as close as possible live show from that time. What's our score?
How do you play this?

I kind of wish that was the name of the piece.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sketch #1 for Still photos

Here's the first in the series of sketches for Rob, so he gets an idea of what we're thinking to have as the final documentation of the 'leave behind' shot. In this case it's for the first action we are doing Saturday the 17th at 4P. I think we'll come up with an official looking certificate or warning etc., results from the test that will have our stamp and some data and a signature, something about radiation testing successful failed etc.
We will tape this to a lightpole or construction site plywood wall for Rob to photograph. Close up shot of just the flyer.
Something like that pic from 'Wanted'.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Boston - NY meeting

Nice meeting guys, looking forward to seeing you on Saturday the 17th around noon.
I'm going to get to work on some sketches of what the final leave behind still photos should be and will be posting those this week.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Henry Hudson Bio

Been reading this biography about Hudson, pretty crazy story, I didn't know his crew mutinied and left him for dead, floating off with his family in a rowboat. Insane.
It's mostly just a compilation of his log entries of his trips.
I think I have a pretty good handle on the eulogy and should be able to post it pretty soon.
Harvey Loves Hudson.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What would Lester Bangs Do?

Here's the 'greatest album of all time' survey for the public at University and 14th. We'll need clipboards and pens for this one. I'll make a bunch of copies of this...maybe 100?
Also on the website for that section there should be a placeholder for the results of the survey...maybe just...and the winner is...kind of thing. We'll have to figure out how we want to present that.
Also that day we should have our postcards so people can go there later in the day and view the results.
I like to think that Lester was asking people this all the time, because it's pretty much a ridiculous question, you want to think you can answer it, but it's like what's your favorite food. You think you know, but of course it changes daily. But of course I like our failure to come to a conclusion, but part of me thinks maybe we actually will find out what the greatest album is, maybe it will be something not even on the list.
I wonder if we present just the winner? Or a whole excel graph with all the info....I think a graph.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Found a place to do patches...they said no problem in getting them done in time for the first project...Oct 17th...So I think to match the jumpsuits we'll get them dark green, like a forest green border and text, and then the background color would be like a lime green?
Anyway, I'm going to order these 3.5x1.5 rectangles.
You're on your own with the needle and thread thought.
They are iron on too by the way.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Unwound show #2 - Relive new years eve

The live show we'll listen to at the corner of 9th and 14th is finished. I found an old unlabeled live show from approximately the time period and played the recording from the distance we were from the stage and at a similar respective volume, and recorded it onto this tape. Actually we'll be listening in on the performance kind of from a distance...since we'll be sitting outside on the sidewalk.
Like ghosts of christmas past.
I'm going to go shoot some pics for surveillance so we can figure out where exactly what corner to do it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Postcards going to the printer

Finally these bad boys are ready to get printed.
Nice work Matt, they look amazing.
After some revisions they were approved by AiOP and then I think you said they're being printed big?.... 4.5x6 glossy...can't wait.
Let me know when they're in Matt.
Are we doing a mailing with these? Or just passing them out explaining the actions. Should any go to Rotenberg?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buttons finished!

Heather from out of order records finished these buttons for RFK and McClellan in record time...arrived today, they look great, I'm going to make sure to send her a link to the project. Plus she sent a 7" for review on 7inches.blogspot...So art and 7"'s go together after all.

Monday, September 14, 2009

McClellan's Podium

The music stand and bunting came, so I put them together for the 'A Vote for McClellan is a Vite against the war' podium, looks pretty good.
I'm going to work on attaching it a little more permanently to the stand.
The even better part is this can all collapse down into a bag, so we can setup in one minute.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Promo Images

Below are the best of the 14 promo shots we took in Brooklyn earlier this month.

14 Actions Website

The website is up and running, and is currently the home page for the Harvey Loves Harvey website. There is a Flash version, with fun animations, and a non-Flash version for mobile users.


The cards are going to the printer tomorrow. They are oversize, 5.5 x 8.5" so they will be great.

Henry Hudson memorial sticker

Just finished the stickers the other day and sent them in for printing, they should be ready in 3 weeks?
Should be in time for the piece. Actually now that I think about it the Henry Hudson Memorial piece is on the first day...hope they make it in time.
They say allow 1-4 weeks, but last time I had stickers made, they came in like a week, so I'm counting on them, and it's super cheap...
These should fit on those tall wax or glass candles good, I traced the portrait from wikipedia started working on the eulogy....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Song at guitar center

Abandoned idea for 14 scenes for 14th street.

Harvey Loves Harvey will enter guitar center, find appropriate instruments and compose and record a song on a portable device about 14th Street. After completing what they feel is a finished version of the song they will leave guitar center and upload an MP3 of the song to the project page on the 14 Scenes section of the website.

I still like the idea of this being a semi-public useable space and being able to use all the equipment as if it's a studio. Plus these are almost everywhere so this piece could literally be done anywhere. Plus who knows the guys here might even be kind of supportive of the idea.

There's a 4 Track application for the iphone also we could get to really get fancy.

Friday, September 11, 2009


In keeping with the spirit of leaving behind an artifact for every action and having those collected in a box (I'll have to look/construct one by the way, keep an eye out at garage sales etc) I just had the proofs of the buttons come in and they look great.
I should have them in my hand in about a week or so.

It would be great to pass out the RFK ones to anyone we end up talking to about the project while we're waiting.

For anyone's info I highly recommend Heather's button pressing on Etsy, she's been super easy and had the best price of anywhere. We might be using her for other who doesn't want to support etsy?
They should expand into all other sorts of things you need other than just crafty things.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monet's gardens calendar?

So here's what I was going for...a generic impressionist painting from Monet. I'd bid on one on ebay to rip off a page of the calendar and frame it for our 'An intersection of Art and Commerce' project. Instead what arrived was a day planner calendar with photos of the garden where Monet painted? Literally pages and pages of photos of a garden...and a picture of a greenhouse covered in plastic. Ridiculous. It's funny how you can put that name on anything though. I guess we could have a calendar that said: 'Picasso, we're not that guy.'
I'm an idiot. Oh well, now I want to frame the worst picture in it and try to sell that.
Whatever you think...I have a good frame at least.
Oh and we don't have something to leave for that one either.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Performance Meeting

Just got back from the AiOP meeting for performers.
One thing I learned: we have to stay 8 feet away from a building so we don't block pedestrian traffic.
Picked up a stack of the postcards.
On the way I checkout out a few of the corners we'll be working at...wondering if there's time to do some kind of walkthrough? Should we take a weekend before the pieces first go up?
I'm going to really revise the scripts for each action in a lot more detail.