Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Affordable touch screens

I found this affordable way to make any screen touch screen...keep it in mind...:

Football Pool

Ouch...we are loosing big time, There's the pic of Jason's daughter choosing teams. But she really didn't help us much...oh well, it's not over yet.
Here's the results:

Week 8
Jason (6-7)

Season To Date

Jason-55 points 7th (tie)

So here's this weeks teams:
Denver at Detroit
San Francisco at Atlanta
Cincinnati at Buffalo
Carolina at Tennessee
Green Bay at Kansas City
San Diego at Minnesota
Jacksonville at New Orleans
Washington at NY Jets
Arizona at Tampa Bay
Seattle at Cleveland
New England at Indianapolis
Houston at Oakland
Dallas at Philadelphia
Baltimore at Pittsburgh

Here's the instructions: They have to use your cats in some way... make two areas calling one A and one B, they should be pretty close together. Then put a treat or a toy or catnip on both areas, whichever one they go for that's the pick. Repeat 14 times. It could also be you and nicole both calling them...etc. You get the idea.


In homage to shoegaze and that style of dense/fuzz/drone/psyche rock. I want to make an applescript or something (I will need your help) to open the myspace pages of my bloody valentine, ride, slowdive, and their modern contemporaries, luff, wooden shjips etc, all simulataneously so you get an amazing fuzzdrone to rival any other noise ever created.
Let's finish this once and for all.

(maybe thats the title or "A script that opens drone/shoegaze/psyche bands myspaces simultaneously to create the endgame drone noise")

Come here go away

Matt, I love the idea of LCD's hanging down all wires...they could even be those semi big ones from offices, like 15 inch. I bet we could find a shitload of those online/craigs list stuff like that.

So I get the picture, they are hanging on both sides of a kind of the middle of the path is the pressure sensitive pad? and then it just works now on either side instead of at either end? ie the ones furthest awayf from you are saying come here and the close ones are saying go away.

I love that it would be dark maybe also, only lit by the LCD's. Random size speakers all hanging down a crazy forest.

I have no idea where to start with mapping out technically how this works, so lets get on the phone or ichat this out this weekend?

When you were describing it on the phone for some reason the idea of all these screens making up a bigger moving picture came into my head, like a river or something, they were all showing a tiny section of the water, and it roughed out a raging river....maybe it could be made up of shots from different movies, or a bunch of different rivers that we shoot, edges and middles. I don't know why I thought about this.

I love your ideas about stepping up the ATM party...I say we do it at this one on manhattan ave....we'll check it out when you come down.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ATM Party

I can't really explain this one...I was standing inside a chase on Manhattan ave with Danielle, it was pretty late and she was making a deposit. For some reason they have a speaker in a pretty decent sized room, it was loud, and it was on a good station. I thought it would be funny to throw a party there, especially for the surveillance camera.
Would anyone be paying attention? If you went there pretty late and just a few people come and bring some rotating lights, like from unwound, and just had a party there.
I just thought that space could be used in a different way...testing the idea of surveillance and taking over the space for a temporary installation.
I'm calling it ATM Party.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Football picks Oct 21

Tampa Bay
San Francisco
New Orleans
New England
Kansas City
NY Jets
St. Louis

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Great Quote

Here is quote to base some new work on...

"The idea becomes a machine that makes the art." –Sol LeWitt (1965)

Found in this very interesting essay by Joseph Kosuth.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

UMass Lowell

Artist and friend Ellen Wetmore invited me up to UMass Lowell to talk about Harvey Loves Harvey. The auditorium was pretty crowded, and many people stayed after to talk. A few even made the trip from Boston just to see me! I hope I lived up to their expectations.

Ellen has promised video from the lecture, which I'll post here when I get it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Newer instructions for football

That sounds great for next week, because my friend has offered his 4 year old daughter to pick teams this week. He's sure she knows what she is doing and I just had to give her a it's out of our hands this week, and I can't wait to see the footage.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Football picks - new instructions

In order to pick our teams for next week, here are your instructions:

Go to your bookshelf, and pick the first book you find by Shakespeare, Nabakov, Murakami or Tolstoy. If you don't have any books by these guys, choose a book by a similarly prestigious author.

Flip to a random page.

Starting with the first complete sentence on the page, note every letter "A" and "B" that you encounter, in order. Continue until you have enough "A" and "B" notes to select all games.

Document everything and post here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Antti Laitinen

This guy is amazing.

As much as I love messig with technology and circuits and the internet it's so nice to see lee and this persons work that get back to simple actions and working with real objects. PLus I don't think I'm that strong of an electric engineer to work hardcore in that direction.

Football Pool wk 6 - stupid punting game

Above is the documentation, and here are the picks:

Kansas City
Tampa Bay
NY Jets
San Diego
NY Giants

We're going to be rich!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Football pool - week 6

Matt - This week.

Minnesota at Chicago
Miami at Cleveland
Washington at Green Bay
Cincinnati at Kansas City
Tennessee at Tampa Bay
St. Louis at Baltimore
Philadelphia at NY Jets
Carolina at Arizona
Oakland at San Diego
New England at Dallas
New Orleans at Seattle
NY Giants at Atlanta

The first column is 'A' the second is 'B', as usual. Goto this football flash game and try to make the punt. Do not practice. If you make it it's A if you miss it's B.
Record the outcome and post, I'll email sawyer.

Football pool part 3 - results

We are still doing pretty damn good, we're in 3rd:
Season To Date Sawyer- 22 points, 7th (tie)
Amy- 27 points, 4th (tie)

Charlie- 22 points, 7th, (tie)

Sam- 29 points, 2nd

Chris- 27 points, 4th

Jason- 28 points, 3rd
Emily- 25 points, 5th

Abby- 31 points, 1st

Henock- 22 points, 7th (tie)

Bugel- 21 points, 8th

John- 24 points, 6th

Not too far behind either...just 3 wins, that could be easily made up in this weeks picks...still waiting for rock paper scissors results.
I'm working on the next action/picking method.

And two seconds after I posted this the results are in...
Sawyer-34 points, 3rd (tie)
Amy-34 points, 3rd (tie)
Charlie-33 points, 4th
Sam-38 points, 1st (tie)
Chris-38 points, 1st (tie)
Jason-35 points 2nd
Emily-34 points, 3rd (tie)
Abby-38 points, 1st (tie)
Henock-32 points, 5th (tie)
Bugel-31 points, 6th
John-32 points, 5th (tie)

We are in 2nd place....holy shit.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Come here, go away

Got your message about the space for this project, if you have any photos or a floorplan please post. I will get started on building these tower things, and researching the pressure pads for the floor. That might be good to go ahead with next in addition to the civil war stuff.
You think we'd be able to show the piece there?

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Betting Methodology Week 4

Here are the picks for week four. We chose them by playing Rock-Paper-Scissors on video iChat. [This is an excerpt from the video.]

Kansas City
NY Jets
New Orleans
St. Louis
New England
San Diego