Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sept. 11/ unwound project

Matt, I was thinking today about reapplying to the LMCC grant program and their swingspace grant. I started thinking about other events that may have not happened on sept 11th 2001, and came across a couple:

September 11, 2001
Belle & Sebastian at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon
They opened with a cover of Turn Turn Turn by the Byrds and the whole place was in tears
Just yesterday my friend sent me a cd bootleg from that show - he's been trying to track it down for the last 4 years. He finally found someone with a copy
I listened to it last night, and cried a little. The very first words on the recording are Stuart Murdoch, "This has been a really strange day."

September 11, 2001
Clinton NY
"Doctuh" Mike Woods Original Jazz Compositions
"Are & Be!"
Fillius Events Barn, 8:30 pm, Free Admission
Hamilton's own "Doc" Woods and company kick off the year with a concert of original compositions. Music must grow and expand with the culture in which it is conceived. These new works will try to capture the moods and energy of our time.

Not that we would reenact these specifically, but it's that weird point in time right before a momentus event. Some of these happened, some didn't. Or people didn't go to them. I don't know if I would have that night or not. I can't say, probably actually, just to think about something else. Would I have wanted to play as unwound? I doubt it.
It might be interesting to use a temporary space in NYC, especially around that area of the city and maybe have an office party for people with a Sept 11 birthday, and we are going to celebrate it in an empty office space, invite the public.
It will be an awkward party anyway.
Something like that. Along those lines.

Did you ever read those comics that were like What if? I can't remember what they were called, but basically they were like what if spiderman didn't get married or wolverine really died? Stuff like that....what if we commissioned a comic along those lines?


Matthew Nash said...

We are going to have a lot to discuss when I'm in NYC next weekend:

I like this idea, pushing what we started with the Unwound show out in new directions. Other bands, shows, venues...

Also, we need to start putting some polish on the Civil War stuff. It's getting near time to talk with Abi and Kristen about what we've been up to.

Oh, and happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to comment on this for quite some time. It's been sitting as a saved tab in my Firefox since September 11th.

So, do you know whether this particular bootleg of B&S is available online or are you able to upload it somewhere? Please?!

I've read about it a few times and it sounds quite interesting. I'd love to hear it. I'm an insane B&S fan by the way...

Jason said...

Sorry I don't have a copy of this show...I'd like to hear it myself if you ever find a link to it please let me know as well. I'll post it if I ever come across it.

Anonymous said...

Your post says "Just yesterday my friend sent me a cd bootleg from that show". Is there something I'm missing? Did someone else write that? If you have a CD copy it's not too hard to turn it into MP3s and put them online...

Jason said...

Yea I was quoting a post I found somewhere. We're discussing all the events that were supposed to happen on that specific day.