Sunday, September 16, 2007


Wanted! part one:

Wanted! part two:

On Saturday, September 16th, Harvey Loves Harvey was a part of the Conflux Festival in Brooklyn. For Conflux, HLH created the new work "WANTED!" in McCarren Park in Brooklyn and the surrounding neighborhood. This video documents the project and some of the results, created from footage taken throughout the day. Below are a few pictures taken along the way.


Jason said...

I can't get over how weird that first still pic looks with the garage door behind it. I have to keep checking that it's not digitally messed up. Ireally thought you altered the background with a filter or something. It's a great shot.

Matthew Nash said...

This day was so fun, so great. I always love making new work, and just hanging out and talking about whatever is interesting.

It was great to see Mike Equi, and his help was invaluable in putting the video together.

This was a great day!