Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Civil Warcraft in action

I've started work on the Civil Warcraft project. I'm not ready to show it off to the world yet, but I love this logo and thought it made a great teaser.

Tiny technology

Here they are, the 2 HLH mini macs. They are both Intel machines, and they both have Airport, so I configured them to work with Apple Remote Desktop. Right now A is for the #19 Hit or Hug? and B has #19 Eat Or Be Eaten? on it.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cover Division a Hit!

Hey, just got this email from WFMU:

Wow!! Incredible, Jason! I will be posting this tonight.

Sorry for the late reply, I got swept away by real WFMU work for a few
days there..


Here's the post...

Airplay (addendum)
Wow Jason, very impressive! I posted it and played it on my show yesterday. Thanks!


It would be great if I could find a copy of this, to hear them announce 'Harvey Loves Harvey'...on the airwaves....that goes out to aliens.

New Mini Mac

I just bought us a second Mini Mac for projects. It's amazing that, after fighting for years to get computers for our projects with enough processing power, we can now get something so small and fast for so cheap!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Dear Harvey Loves Harvey,

Thank you for submitting a proposal to SculptureCenter’s special project series In Practice.

This year we received 644 submissions, over 100 more than we’ve ever received in response to an open call. The task of narrowing this down to approximately 25 projects was an extremely challenging process, and we regret to inform you that your proposal was not selected.

The submission pool provided a fascinating window into the wealth of ideas, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and even exuberance that characterizes the artistic community at its best. Many portfolios were of interest despite not being chosen as a finalist, and we would like to encourage you to submit a proposal for next year’s open call.

Submissions were reviewed by SculptureCenter staff and a panel of artists and art professionals, listed below.

This level of response reaffirms that opportunities of this nature remain scarce for artists, and we are committed to exploring ways to provide them in our programming. We appreciated the chance to review your work, and thank you for your interest and participation.

If you included a SASE with your submission, your materials will be returned by mail shortly.


Mary Ceruti
Executive Director

2007 In Practice Panel
Sarina Basta Curator, SculptureCenter
Saskia Bos Curator; Dean, Cooper Union School of Art
Mary Ceruti Executive Director, SculptureCenter
Amy Granat Artist; Previous In Practice participant
Trevor Smith Curator-in-Residence, Bard College Center for Curatorial Studies

Oh well.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kick me in the nuts - virtually!!!

"Tritt mir in die Eier" (kick me in the eggs)

This looks like there is a sensor or something in this dummy's nuts, which then would trigger the video...we should think about making the 'buttons' of our work more like this.
I am now sad because it's been done and so god dam well.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The covers will tear us apart.

I don't know if this will stop anyone in the future but at least they have been warned...15 or so 'love will tear us apart' covers all jammed into 60 seconds.

WFMU has been CC'ed.

Hit in the crotch compilation

Hey I am compiling a 'best of', well maybe more of a, 'all the videos ever' of crotch shots on youtube, I don't know if we could use this for something, I just think it would be pretty incredible to see really quick edited, just 5 or 7 sec clips of crotch shots. It's still hilarious to me and I think this video could be one of the funniest things ever.
I don't know what to do with it, except have it playing over and over on a tiny lcd screen built into the wall of my apartment. Or play it at parties.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Residencies NYC

I also was going to apply for a few residencies, not to get rid of the studio, but if I can work somewhere for free for 6 months I'm going to take it, and then try to find something after it's over. Anyway here's the order:
Lower Manhattan Community council - swing space program....I think it's for 2 or three months they hook you up with a weird space in lower manhattan that is available. Feb 26th deadline.

Artists Allinace INC - this is at the CSV Center, which has spaces for 6 months. Deadline March 15.

•Art in general has a an open call I'm trying to come up with something for...I may just not end up doing this. Getting a space seems like it should be the focus for a little bit.

• Then this Elsewhere residency, which I think we should figure out when we can physically take the time to do it, because I'm sure we can get it.

Anyway check these out...I may be sending you bio's to check out etc. Or posting them.

Harvey Audio

I was thinking about entering this contest as harvey loves harvey, basically you take any song and distill it's essence down into 60 seconds. It's for WFMU, that freeform station in NJ. So what I'm working on is I saw this post about rules for indie rock bands and the second rule was to do a cover of 'love will tear us apart' so I collected like 15 of them and I'm editing them all together to get one sylable or one word from each cover, so it's just 'love, love will tear us apart' again, over and over. I should have it done by this weekend.
This leads me to another project...when I was listening to some of the entries that broke down an entire album to 60 seconds, someone took brian wilson's smile and make it 60 seconds by just audible fast forwarding the entire album so it had that fast forward speed chipmunks sound. I thought it might be kind of crazy to take an album like that, (something meaningful) and try to reproduce this sound vocally? Then slow it down? I don't know I really wanted to hear it. I think it kind of sounded like an encrypted message. There was an encoded message there. Or it seemed interesting to take this thing you have heard a million times and now it's different.