Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Audio Tours

One of my students suggested that we turn the results of Civil Warcraft into a series of audio driving tours for Civil War battlefields. People could download them or get them on CD and drive the park tours, but would be given our version of history rather than the actual events.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Holy Shit! 11 days after...

Sonata For Loudspeakers

I agree about "Sonata For Loudspeakers" -- that is one of my favorites. If we could find a live version somewhere it would be great to include.

"Hexenzsene", "October All Over" and "Scarlette" are all great choices.

"Negated" is one of my favorite songs of all time. I can't believe I left it off my original list. There is a great version on "A Single History" that is better than the album version. I think they must have played that song live a lot, it rocks!

God, I hope Unwound understand how much they are missed. It would be amazing if they could see this video, or be in the "audience" at our "show".

Unwound Live • show of all shows

I think the faces will be perfect and I'll paint the 'bodies' black so it's even more clouded in mystery. If you print out those b/w pics out completely I could work with the shoulders too, don't crop them or anything, they will be perfect.

I think for the venue it should be really dark or just flooded with backlight. We'll have to mess with it a little when we get there.

So keeping in line with, our dream set-list....I like your list, and Mike specifically requested 'all souls day' also, and I have a couple live shows that start out with it so that works perfect as an opener.
'below the salt' would be a great closer or even an encore, like we talked about.

I would love 'Sonata for loudspeakers', but sadly I don't think they did this live on anything I have.
My MUST have's(in addition to your picks):
Corpse pose
October all over
The world is flat

Unauthorized autobiography
lady elect

I will put together both of these lists and post again about a final set list.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Unwound live, 9-11-2001

Above is the image I plan to print for the cutout faces.

For the "live show" recreation, here is the list of songs I would like to hear:

All Souls Day (New Plastic Ideas)
Envelope (NPI)
Dragnalus (Fake Train)
Natural Disasters (The Future Of What)
Lifetime Achievement Award (Challenge For A Civilized Society)
Below The Salt (Leaves Turn Inside You)
Go To Dallas And Take A Left (Repitition)

There are tons more, but I'm sure you have some to add.