Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vintage HLH

Ive been slowly importing old VHS footage and came across this classic session. I think it was from funkadelic around 1994 or 5, I'm not sure, but I know was living on 42nd street. We kept moving the camera around so it was perfect for this reedit.
I had to pick this song, it summed up that era so perfectly.
You rock and have awesome hair.

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Matthew Nash said...

OMG that is so great! Excellent edit of all that old footage.

It's funny, we look so young. I remember right after we did all this recording, watching this footage and just loving it. We yelled at each other so much in the studio, I think this tape was labeled "The Bitch Sessions" for years.

Then I forgot about it, or wanted to get over it, like I was embarassed of that young kid and thought I was better than that. Now, I see how awesome it was, how important it was to go thru that, to try to be that artist who did everything, who wanted in on everything - fuck it if it was good or bad, just that you did it.