Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Betting Methodology Pt1

Here at Harvey Loves Harvey we strongly believe in leaving nothing up to chance.
We have a theory for betting that is based on the all or nothing rule. Why bother with playing it safe? You might break even, but you just wasted a weekend. In the sake of time and energy the most efficient betting method is not complete chance, but creating a set of rules to choose the winners with the least prior knowledge as possible. This is known as the 'Harvey Rule'
For an office football pool at work, we will attempt to prove this rule by betting on every game played in the 2007 season, not by chance, but by eliminating any kind of thought process, or personal feelings you have for the teams involved. Therefore either coming in dead last or winning the whole damn pot.

For the second week, each game's team was given a letter A or B respectively, Matt would choose the team as quickly as possible based on the particular leaning he had towards one letter or another.

Listen to the audio.

Matt will come up with a similar game for week 3. I'm ready to pick em.


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