Monday, August 25, 2008

Lyrics for the instrumentals

Listening to the new Don cab and my shock at the lyric tracks and then add Corey archangel's glockenspiel addendum it made me think why can't we write lyrics for explosions or pelican or older don cab tracks and perform them karaoke style and record them.

Harvey 7"

I'm still working on our official music release in the 7" format, but I had an idea for the next one:

1 - We write 2 songs about writing 2 songs for a 7"


2 - Both sides are ideas for new work from this blog, most likely work that we hope to do. We sing/write about the ideas, concepts, and construction of the work, maybe abstract, but funnier if it's really direct I think.

Police sketch artist

We should both find a police sketch artist and have them do a portrait of the other person.
We would sit down with the sketch artist and describe each other to this person and show the drawings somewhere.
Or we can hire this guy to do age progressions of each other for a show. We might be able to get him to do sketches as well.