Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rear Defrost

This film was created in the summer of 1995 by artists Harvey Loves Harvey. It is inspired by the Beat writings of Kerouac and shot in Super-8. Music also by HLH.


This one is from 2005. Watch what happens when HLH go into the studio and find something Super!

20 Hours on a Train

In the fall of 2000, Nash traveled from Boston to NYC by train, where HLH went to the studio and immediately recorded album "20 Hours On A Train". This video was created a few months later in Chicago with toys found at a thrift store.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Xtreme Doritos

OK, this is a classic HLH video. Recorded with Colin Tracy in Vermont, this is one of the 4-track "exquisite corpse" recordings done by having each artist play their own track, following previously recorded tracks as a guide. After the fourth track was laid, the next musician would start a new song. For "Xtreme Doritos", Matt Nash was left to do the vocal track, and fell back on his two greatest influences: metal and cheap snacks.

Leaf Tornado In The Back Yard

Here is a classic HLH video from 2001.

Conflux checklist

• Jumpsuits - I'll get these this weekend, I'll ship yours the next week? My other thought is the flyers are going to be crappy black and white copies (I'll make them at work), so maybe you could photograph you in front of a blank background with one of the other jumpsuits on for the flyer.

• Phones - I have both phones

• Flyers - I'll make them by the weekend to approve.

Should we make each others flyers? So they kind of reflect each of us or I'll just make both of them. Should our jumpsuits have out names on the back in giant stencil letters?
What kind of documentation are we doing for the presentation.
I figure, we'll have a notebook, and maybe audio recorder for notes/calls, we'll test the live phone call taping friday at my apt.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Harvey Loves Harvey "Magic 8-Ball" given away

Our dear friend Colin Tracy has often been referred to as "The Third Harvey". He can be found on many of our album recordings, notably Super and A House Divided. He was the third-party validator for Proof and the judge for Seek & Destroy, as well as offering countless hours of advice, assistance and support to many of our projects.

So, when Colin married the lovely and fantastic Liz Byrne this August, we felt inspired to make them an original, one-of-a-kind new HLH work titled "The Harvey Loves Harvey Magic 8-ball" -- an interactive piece that depicts HLH waiting for a question, and once a question is asked (and a button pushed) we offer our advice. All answers, of course, were taken from the original Magic 8-ball toy of the 1980's.

Above you can see Colin and Liz with their new artwork on the evening of their post-nuptial party. More images, and a full project description, will be posted on our main project site soon.

Below are two screenshots from the "Magic 8-ball" project.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Unwound video #1

The first edit of envelope.