Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Football Pool

Ouch...we are loosing big time, There's the pic of Jason's daughter choosing teams. But she really didn't help us much...oh well, it's not over yet.
Here's the results:

Week 8
Jason (6-7)

Season To Date

Jason-55 points 7th (tie)

So here's this weeks teams:
Denver at Detroit
San Francisco at Atlanta
Cincinnati at Buffalo
Carolina at Tennessee
Green Bay at Kansas City
San Diego at Minnesota
Jacksonville at New Orleans
Washington at NY Jets
Arizona at Tampa Bay
Seattle at Cleveland
New England at Indianapolis
Houston at Oakland
Dallas at Philadelphia
Baltimore at Pittsburgh

Here's the instructions: They have to use your cats in some way... make two areas calling one A and one B, they should be pretty close together. Then put a treat or a toy or catnip on both areas, whichever one they go for that's the pick. Repeat 14 times. It could also be you and nicole both calling them...etc. You get the idea.

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