Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ATM Party

I can't really explain this one...I was standing inside a chase on Manhattan ave with Danielle, it was pretty late and she was making a deposit. For some reason they have a speaker in a pretty decent sized room, it was loud, and it was on a good station. I thought it would be funny to throw a party there, especially for the surveillance camera.
Would anyone be paying attention? If you went there pretty late and just a few people come and bring some rotating lights, like from unwound, and just had a party there.
I just thought that space could be used in a different way...testing the idea of surveillance and taking over the space for a temporary installation.
I'm calling it ATM Party.


Matthew Nash said...

Great idea! I love the re-purposing of public space.

Maybe we should do it when it gets colder, closer to Xmas. We could do the HLH Xmas ATM party - bring a mini tree and hang ornaments, sing carols.

Matthew Nash said...

I just went up to the barber shop and I was thinking about this piece the whole way. Imagine, we send out Xmas cards to a short list of guests, with a holiday-apporpriate image. Inside it says "HLH invite you to our Christmas party, in the ATM at X & Y Streets" from 8 pm until we are asked to leave.

(We should probably research what laws exist to prevent this kind of activity -- y'know, that laws that keep homeless people from sleeping in there, etc.)

Jason said...

I love the christmas idea...we have to discuss this further...invites are a great idea, maybe it's a little cryptic? Maybe there is more of a tie in with the unwound show somehow?
Maybe that is our xmas card for rotenberg? A still from the video. We need a fake surveillance camera also, we put one up ourselves and just make it black and white.
Everyone has to bring something.
As far as laws, maybe we have a set time limit 30 minutes or something and do it at a weird time like 1 in the morning.

Matthew Nash said...

OK, I've been thinking about this and I have a pretty clear plan of action:

1: we pick a date for our event, preferably near xmas
2: we find a location that will work, preferably in manhatten or brooklyn near a train station (hopefully with a pub or restaurant nearby for the after-party)
2: we ask for the mailing addresses of a list of people we think will appreciate the project, possibly attend, or be a supporter even if they are not present
3: we send out christmas cards asking people to join us for the 1st annual HLH public xmas party at our location, time, date, etc. We request that people be puncutal. RSVP required.
4: we show up with a mini tree, some decorations and small presents for each person that rsvp'd. We have cocktail glasses, martinis and egg nog. We open gifts and sing carols.
5: After 1/2 hour or 45 min we leave for after-party.
6: Document everything with security cam, handheld vid and tripod vid.


Matthew Nash said...

Oh, right
2A: we make sure to invite galleries, curators, etc