Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Come here go away

Matt, I love the idea of LCD's hanging down all wires...they could even be those semi big ones from offices, like 15 inch. I bet we could find a shitload of those online/craigs list stuff like that.

So I get the picture, they are hanging on both sides of a kind of the middle of the path is the pressure sensitive pad? and then it just works now on either side instead of at either end? ie the ones furthest awayf from you are saying come here and the close ones are saying go away.

I love that it would be dark maybe also, only lit by the LCD's. Random size speakers all hanging down a crazy forest.

I have no idea where to start with mapping out technically how this works, so lets get on the phone or ichat this out this weekend?

When you were describing it on the phone for some reason the idea of all these screens making up a bigger moving picture came into my head, like a river or something, they were all showing a tiny section of the water, and it roughed out a raging river....maybe it could be made up of shots from different movies, or a bunch of different rivers that we shoot, edges and middles. I don't know why I thought about this.

I love your ideas about stepping up the ATM party...I say we do it at this one on manhattan ave....we'll check it out when you come down.

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