Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Football pool part 3 - results

We are still doing pretty damn good, we're in 3rd:
Season To Date Sawyer- 22 points, 7th (tie)
Amy- 27 points, 4th (tie)

Charlie- 22 points, 7th, (tie)

Sam- 29 points, 2nd

Chris- 27 points, 4th

Jason- 28 points, 3rd
Emily- 25 points, 5th

Abby- 31 points, 1st

Henock- 22 points, 7th (tie)

Bugel- 21 points, 8th

John- 24 points, 6th

Not too far behind either...just 3 wins, that could be easily made up in this weeks picks...still waiting for rock paper scissors results.
I'm working on the next action/picking method.

And two seconds after I posted this the results are in...
Sawyer-34 points, 3rd (tie)
Amy-34 points, 3rd (tie)
Charlie-33 points, 4th
Sam-38 points, 1st (tie)
Chris-38 points, 1st (tie)
Jason-35 points 2nd
Emily-34 points, 3rd (tie)
Abby-38 points, 1st (tie)
Henock-32 points, 5th (tie)
Bugel-31 points, 6th
John-32 points, 5th (tie)

We are in 2nd place....holy shit.

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