Saturday, September 19, 2009

What would Lester Bangs Do?

Here's the 'greatest album of all time' survey for the public at University and 14th. We'll need clipboards and pens for this one. I'll make a bunch of copies of this...maybe 100?
Also on the website for that section there should be a placeholder for the results of the survey...maybe just...and the winner is...kind of thing. We'll have to figure out how we want to present that.
Also that day we should have our postcards so people can go there later in the day and view the results.
I like to think that Lester was asking people this all the time, because it's pretty much a ridiculous question, you want to think you can answer it, but it's like what's your favorite food. You think you know, but of course it changes daily. But of course I like our failure to come to a conclusion, but part of me thinks maybe we actually will find out what the greatest album is, maybe it will be something not even on the list.
I wonder if we present just the winner? Or a whole excel graph with all the info....I think a graph.

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