Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monet's gardens calendar?

So here's what I was going for...a generic impressionist painting from Monet. I'd bid on one on ebay to rip off a page of the calendar and frame it for our 'An intersection of Art and Commerce' project. Instead what arrived was a day planner calendar with photos of the garden where Monet painted? Literally pages and pages of photos of a garden...and a picture of a greenhouse covered in plastic. Ridiculous. It's funny how you can put that name on anything though. I guess we could have a calendar that said: 'Picasso, we're not that guy.'
I'm an idiot. Oh well, now I want to frame the worst picture in it and try to sell that.
Whatever you think...I have a good frame at least.
Oh and we don't have something to leave for that one either.

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