Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quiet: We LIve In Public

I had totally forgotten about this project by Josh Harris until it reemerged on ArtsEditor. But this was the stuff going on when were were transforming Harvey, back in 1999-2001 -- the kind of "the Internet will save us all, or kill us all" mentality that we were exploring. I don't think we're doing it so much anymore, social networking has made a lot of that stuff normal or easy or obvious, but it's important to remember that there was this period of insane experimentation with what the internet could be. I'm not sure I like the project (I remember thinking how facile and ego-maniacal it was back then) but I'm also happy I know about it, and remember how it fit into the context of crazy pro-internet hype (and lies) of that era.

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Jason said...

I think I saw something about this the other day. When something is new it's hard not to go right to the extreme use of the technology or idea, just push the boundary right away. It's almost like a complusion, if not you, someone else, and right now. it's almost for the media coverage, not the value of the idea, they must have thought it was going to be a joke. But it didn't matter, it's also what we wanted to think was going on, what someone must be up to.