Monday, December 31, 2007

New Civil Warcraft maps

I've added some new maps to Civil Warcraft -- The Battle of Oak Grove and the Battle of Mechanicsville. These are the first two battles of the Seven Days Battles.

I've added yet another map -- The Battle of Gaines' Mill -- to Civil Warcraft. So far I've finished 4 of the 7 battles of the peninsula campaign. Even more exciting, I've finally figured out how to make water that people can walk thru, and Gaines' Mill has a huge swamp in the middle!

Update II:
I've added a map for the Battle of Savage's Station, another of the Seven Days Battles. It's a rearguard action, a small fight, but it was fun to put in all the flies and the corpses of Union soldiers that had been left behind in the previous days' retreat.

Update III:
Thank God for holiday weekends and TV marathons! Nicole and I are watching Twin Peaks and The Sopranos (alternating every other disc) and I have tons of time for making Civil Warcraft maps. Thus -- The Battle of Frayser's Farm (also known as the battle of Glendale). Now available at

Update IV:

One more map -- The Battle of Malvern Hill -- the last of the Seven Days.

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