Saturday, December 29, 2007

1st Annual HLH Christmas Party a success!

I can honestly say the first annual xmas party was a success. We could have stayed honestly for a long time, no one was going to botherus. Even the passed out drunk guy in the corner didn't even get up. Next year it could be even bigger and better. We could move to other ATM's or other public spaces.
Me and Hajoe had a great conversation about public and private space and surveillance but it was a loud party and it didn't make it on the video.
Hope you can make it next year!

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Matthew Nash said...

Wow, that is so great! The video is perfect, just the right length. I love the music choice, and all of the inside and outside shots. You can hear just the right amount of conversation, not really enough to understand or get bored by talk of weather and jobs and kids, but enough to know that it is the kind of conversation people would have a an xmas party.

I can't wait to start showing this to people.