Friday, December 21, 2007

Football picks - 12/21/07

So, here is what I did:

I took the book I am currently reading, The Battles for Spotsylvania Courthouse and the Road to the Yellow Tavern by Gordon Rhea and started with the page where my bookmark is (p. 71). Beginning with the first full paragraph, I marked each NEW person mentioned. If they were from the Federals, I marked column A, if they were Confederates I chose from B.

Here are the results:

B - Pvt Dame, Richmond Howitzers
A - Genl Wainright
A - Genl Buell
A - Genl Warren
A - Genl Hancock
A - Genl Sedgewick
A - Genl Meade
B - Genl Anderson
B - Genl Ewell
A - Maj Hyde
A - Gel Wright
A - Genl Davies
B - Genl Kershaw
A - Col Lyman
A - Lt.Genl Grant

Here are the football picks for this week:

Dallas at Carolina
Oakland at Jacksonville
Philadelphia at New Orleans
Kansas City at Detroit
Cleveland at Cincinnati
Green Bay at Chicago
NY Giants at Buffalo
Houston at Indianapolis
Atlanta at Arizona
Tampa Bay at San Francisco
Baltimore at Seattle
Miami at New England
NY Jets at Tennessee
Washington at Minnesota
Denver at San Diego

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