Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Conflux festival 2007

Matt, I have an idea which I will propose to Conflux (sept 13 -16, thurs-sun) as soon as it goes live for contributions...here it is basically:
We each draw up a xerox flyer with info on the other person, a photo, other stats, anything relevant. Then we make a bunch of copies. We walk around williamsburg and post the flyers everywhere. My flyers are looking for you and have my cell phone # on them and vice versa. Participants will call the cell phone number and tell one person where the other one is. The round ends when one of us finds the other. Whoever gets the most calls wins the game, or whoever finds the other person most wins.
we can adjust the difficulty as we see fit...more info, or we have people try to find us...for example, my flyers are looking for you and based on how many people say they found you then we determine a winner...or like you said live updating...maybe we email a pic from our phones to this blog every 5 minutes or something.

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