Friday, March 9, 2007


So here's the idea:

It's kinda like that blog theater project Danielle told me about. But the difference is that you and I blog in the voice of the north and South in the Civil War (as an extension of our Civil Warcraft project)

So, one of us is the North and the other is the South and we blog, in sequence, from '60 - '65 (or even later, thru Reconstruction) about our side's perspective. We could even link outside to online posts of articles about battles, etc.


LittleMac61: So last week I see on my Sidekick that RELee is moving up my way, and he's been all up in my buddy JohnP's biz, so I make my move across the way to give him a talk.

RELee: LM, I know you think you all that, but I can wait here all day and I know you just a pussy ass motha fuckah.

LittleMac61: This shit is serious, RE. I'll back yo ass up and fuck you up, bitch.

RELee: You and what army?

FJHooker: Yo RE, I got my boy LMs back on this. You want to step, I'll swoop down on yo ass and crush you like a grape.

RELee: LMAO :>

... and so forth.

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