Sunday, October 4, 2009

The MTA Improvement flyers

The drawings for the MTA Improvement flyers are amazing! So glad you hired these out...they are going to look amazing and should fool anyone.
just a couple of things...
Do we have any idea about the text? Do you have a design going for the flyer? Can you make copies of it for when you come down?
Can't wait to see the color version with the gondola.


Matthew Nash said...

Actually, I haven't started the design yet. I was going to pull language from some of the improvement fliers I grabbed the other day here in Boston.

"Coming Soon: The MTA's 14th Street Improvement plan! This new transportation system will allow for scenic travel along 14th street while encouraging everyday traffic to continue using our trustworthy subway service.

Inspired by engineering plans from the early 1900s, New York and the MTA are finally living up to the dreams of the city founders, and the MTA is proud to present these drawings for public approval."

Jason said...

That's perfect, I I can't wait to hear peoples reactions.