Monday, October 19, 2009

14 Actions Day 2!

The second day of 14 Actions For 14th Street was cold and rainy, but we managed to get a lot done. Our first action of the day was near 14th and 7th, where we set up a small gallery and tried to sell a work of art. It may have been the cold weather, or our sales technique, but the work didn't move.

After that, we moved up the block to 14th and 8th, for a surprise inspection on a building. We looked it over, and made our report on the status of the facility, its overall safety, and our followup plans.

Later in the day, near 14th and 6th, we found a great backdrop to campaign for George McClellan in his bid for the Presidency. We read a campaign poem extolling the virtues of Little Mac and taking Lincoln to task for his terrible handling of the war. We also gave out campaign pins to passersby.

We ended the day near 14th and 5th with a tailgate party. As Harvey Loves Harvey, we often hear people question our masculinity, so we used this busy location to prove otherwise. There were Xtreme drinks, junk food and a football game. We cheered the Bills/Jets game and talked with passersby about machismo. Below is a lovely woman who told us "ABY: Anybody but the Yankees. I usually cheer for the Red Sox."

So I hugged her.

We'll be on the street again next weekend, with 7 more actions to go. See you there.

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