Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If she's ready

Ahhh, from the archives, I can't believe this footage existed, I really lost it when I put the VHS in the player. I think I may have only seen this once before. Amazing, so much crazy footage, me on your bed with a typewriter.

Just seeing the way we had the recording studio set up in that basement is amazing.
What did you do all the effects with? I don't think we could do that now if we wanted to, they are so of that time period.

That's my dream to have a studio like that again. It would be awesome if you bought a shit drum kit and soundproofed an area in your basement and we reenacted this. Well not reenact but just be able to do it again, for like a week straight.

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Matthew Nash said...

OK, first, that's a terrible song.

Second, I think the video was one of those assignments I had to do for Jeff Hudson in one of his video classes. We had to do all these cuts in time with the music, and use the various effects of the Video Toaster. This was all way before digital video.

Shame on you for posting this!