Saturday, February 10, 2007

Residencies NYC

I also was going to apply for a few residencies, not to get rid of the studio, but if I can work somewhere for free for 6 months I'm going to take it, and then try to find something after it's over. Anyway here's the order:
Lower Manhattan Community council - swing space program....I think it's for 2 or three months they hook you up with a weird space in lower manhattan that is available. Feb 26th deadline.

Artists Allinace INC - this is at the CSV Center, which has spaces for 6 months. Deadline March 15.

•Art in general has a an open call I'm trying to come up with something for...I may just not end up doing this. Getting a space seems like it should be the focus for a little bit.

• Then this Elsewhere residency, which I think we should figure out when we can physically take the time to do it, because I'm sure we can get it.

Anyway check these out...I may be sending you bio's to check out etc. Or posting them.

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