Saturday, February 10, 2007

Harvey Audio

I was thinking about entering this contest as harvey loves harvey, basically you take any song and distill it's essence down into 60 seconds. It's for WFMU, that freeform station in NJ. So what I'm working on is I saw this post about rules for indie rock bands and the second rule was to do a cover of 'love will tear us apart' so I collected like 15 of them and I'm editing them all together to get one sylable or one word from each cover, so it's just 'love, love will tear us apart' again, over and over. I should have it done by this weekend.
This leads me to another project...when I was listening to some of the entries that broke down an entire album to 60 seconds, someone took brian wilson's smile and make it 60 seconds by just audible fast forwarding the entire album so it had that fast forward speed chipmunks sound. I thought it might be kind of crazy to take an album like that, (something meaningful) and try to reproduce this sound vocally? Then slow it down? I don't know I really wanted to hear it. I think it kind of sounded like an encrypted message. There was an encoded message there. Or it seemed interesting to take this thing you have heard a million times and now it's different.

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