Monday, March 9, 2009

Harvey live in Gettysburg!

Day 1+2

We finally pulled into Gettysburg to finish...well work on....the 'After Sherman's March' documentary. Matt after 8 hours calls for a toast and we hang out in the hotel room for a minute...right in the middle of downtown Gettysburg....who knew?

The first night we saw a lot of pretty sweet shops selling civil war hotpants!
Nice. You better believe we bought some....for each other!

Then we wandered around the battlefield after dark successfully eluding the park police scaring the hell out of ourselves, it was a full moon and we got some great footage. Matt narrated every step in the dark and it was a weird way to experience the battlefield for the first time.

We had breakfast across the street the next morning at the best place that had battlefield fries and an obsession with Faith Hill. Tons of merchandise for every kind of military / war collector. I had the egg sandwich...delicious.

Next we headed out to see this place in the daylight...I really have no sense of the scale of the monuments and battlefield. We only walked a tiny piece last night so we take the car to drive around the entire perimeter from the Union and Confederate sides. Tons of footage of cannons and fences. Great job.

Next we're on top of little round top, it's windy as hell, but really amazing. No one would want to fight their way up this face of boulders. There's a couple of hawks circling around, I use a new iphone app that looks like the old action lomo camera.

Finally we make it to the Museum, Visitors center/cyclorama for some research on a cyclorama video piece we're working on...I get a great book, we shoot more kitchy toys and guns and interview a couple of people and see the ADD nightmare of a museum.

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