Friday, November 7, 2008

New Photos on Wood

I've been working in the studio on some panel pieces based on the Civil War photo montages we were doing last year. The plan is to stain and paint the wood with oils, seal them and then paint over with enamel and spray paint. On top of it all will be photo emulsion, exposing the final black part of the image.

Below are three digital sketches of what I have in mind:

Here are some shots from the studio of the panels in progress. For the most part, all that's left is the photo emulsion and exposure... the hard parts.

These are for the first concept, of the dead soldier:

These are for the diptychs:

This was just a scrap piece of wood I was using for testing processes, and it came out so cool I'm going to use it for a final exposure:

A detail:

We need to shoot some new images for future ones, but I think these 4 or 5 are shaping up really cool.


Jason said...

Matt, these are amazing. For photos are we thinking just more posed stills against trees or bluescreen?

Matthew Nash said...

I think we could sketch out what new panels might look like, closer crops, maybe formal poses like Matthew Brady photos, and shoot those. We talked before about doing images in the style of Brady on metal and maybe this is where we make that idea happen.

Jason said...

Yes, like real formal looking portraits...posed in a victorian sitting room kind of thing..they must have this at busch gardens or some theme park near us, and we could go there for the weekend. Hershey park?
That would be awesome.