Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Collaboration with Lee Walton

So, last night Lee Walton was supposed to talk in Boston, but it was canceled so we got dinner and saw some art. Over dinner we conceived a new collaborative project between HLH and Lee. It is based on some of the old instruction pieces, and we talked about Tehching Hsieh's declaration that he would not make art for 13 years.

So here it is, the new HLH collaboration with Lee Walton. Since it was written and signed in a bar (as it should have been) it is a bit hard to read, but here is the text.
I, Matthew Nash, as representative of Harvey Loves Harvey, and Lee Walton, artist, commit our respective projects to a hiatus for one month (to be chosen) in which we will not create art: we will only paint.

Matthew Nash
Lee Walton

All we need to do is pick which month to make the piece. I'll frame up this contract for posterity.

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