Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New work

I liked the idea of a long term, public project where we have some kind of seed disperal device, maybe attached to a tiny vehicle that moves a little every day. You could go online and tell it to plant a seed, which would just turn a wheel or something with seeds. It wouldn't have to be very exact, just dump them on the ground or something.
It could be pretty worked soil..and we could just manually move the device every day the length of it, or figure out the entire size of the planting space and divide it by 30 for a month or something.
Anyway, you could go to the site and plant a seed, and then after a while you could see what days people planted. It could be this weird record of the participation...
Either that or it also has roundup in the other wheel, so one would grow and one would kill and then see if anything managed to make it.

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