Monday, August 27, 2007

Conflux checklist

• Jumpsuits - I'll get these this weekend, I'll ship yours the next week? My other thought is the flyers are going to be crappy black and white copies (I'll make them at work), so maybe you could photograph you in front of a blank background with one of the other jumpsuits on for the flyer.

• Phones - I have both phones

• Flyers - I'll make them by the weekend to approve.

Should we make each others flyers? So they kind of reflect each of us or I'll just make both of them. Should our jumpsuits have out names on the back in giant stencil letters?
What kind of documentation are we doing for the presentation.
I figure, we'll have a notebook, and maybe audio recorder for notes/calls, we'll test the live phone call taping friday at my apt.


Matthew Nash said...

Sounds good.

As for jumpsuit, don't bother shipping it I'll just shoot a photo of myself in a generic shirt or something, it will look like a jumpsuit.

Phones == awesome.

As for flyers, why don't you just make them both? That way they will look similar and people might recognize that they are part of a project.

Stenciling letters on our backs is funny, but I don't think we should do it -- mostly because it limits how we can reuse the jumpsuits.

The only potential snag for me is that I have jury duty on Thursday the 13th -- hopefully it won't matter but if I get chosen and have to be in court on Friday there isn't much I can do. Just FYI.

Jason said...

Great, as soon as I get that pic I'll work on some flyers. The text will be 'wanted, please help me find Matt/Jason. If you see him, please call (#).

Then something about the lecture sunday morning and where it is. With Harvey Loves Harvey on it.

I could have eric print out some really nice color ones? I don't know I like that they are crappy xeroxes, I think it says something about that form of communication in a community.

Stenciling is out for that reason, I just want it to be obvious from a distance.

Even if you have jury duty, you'll still be up for saturday right?

Matthew Nash said...

Yeah, definitely there on Saturday. It's only a matter of how early I can leave on Fri -- if no jury duty I can leave in the morning, otherwise if the afternoon.