Thursday, April 5, 2007

Unwound Live • show of all shows

I think the faces will be perfect and I'll paint the 'bodies' black so it's even more clouded in mystery. If you print out those b/w pics out completely I could work with the shoulders too, don't crop them or anything, they will be perfect.

I think for the venue it should be really dark or just flooded with backlight. We'll have to mess with it a little when we get there.

So keeping in line with, our dream set-list....I like your list, and Mike specifically requested 'all souls day' also, and I have a couple live shows that start out with it so that works perfect as an opener.
'below the salt' would be a great closer or even an encore, like we talked about.

I would love 'Sonata for loudspeakers', but sadly I don't think they did this live on anything I have.
My MUST have's(in addition to your picks):
Corpse pose
October all over
The world is flat

Unauthorized autobiography
lady elect

I will put together both of these lists and post again about a final set list.

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